Last but not least..

Meet our final three characters from Largemouth Frog’s first album: Joey the kangaroo, Rodrigo the bull and Toco, the Tucan!

Joey is from Australia and loves to play the didgeridoo. He features in a song with his three mates: cockatoo, koala bear Jane and platypus duck.







Rodrigo is a peaceful bull from Mexico that enjoys smelling flowers.. until he sees the colour…RED!









Toco is a fun loving Brazilian bird that enjoys telling everyone about Brazil. He specialises in the samba!








Now you’ve had a peep at each of Hugo’s ten friends! Hugo’s air ballon adventure will take you to each of them and their exciting countries. We can’t wait to share this world of music and fun with you! Keep posted to pre-order your own copy in just a few days!


Three more friends!

Hi Frogers,

On his musical trip around the world, Hugo will also meet Gigi, Harry and Funky Donkey. Gigi is a confident French poodle, Harry is a British snail and Funky Donkey lives deep in the heart of Texas, USA. Enjoy our world of music and fun!

The Largemouth Frog team.


Hugo’s friends!

Dear everyone,

We will let you know in a few days how to pre-order your copy of Largemouth Frog’s first children’s album. Until then, we’ll introduce some of Hugo’s new friends to you.

Here is Mouse and Crocodile, Bengal the Tiger and Sasha the Bear.

Mouse and Crocodile both live in Zimbabwe, Africa. Bengal is from the middle of the Indian jungle and Sasha from Russia. Our new album will feature each of these animals and countries. More characters will be posted on Sunday!

Thanks again for your interest and support.

The Largemouth Frog team.

Largemouth Frog’s first project!

We are excited to announce Largemouth Frog’s first music CD project:                        Hugo and Friends: Around the World! 

Follow Hugo the hippo’s adventures in a magic air ballon as he discovers friends and songs from different cultures around the world!

Today we introduce you to ……..


Hugo is a young and adventurous hipoppotamus who lives  with his family along the Zambezi river, deep in the middle of the African bush. Hugo loves to discover new things and is probably the friendliest hippo you’ll ever meet.

One day, Hugo the hippo discovers a colourful magic air ballon that will take Hugo on an amazing musical adventure around the world.  We can’t wait to introduce you to all his friends and songs!

Hugo will feature in two songs in this album, “The Talent Show” and “Stuck in the Mud”.

Largemouth Frog is alive!

Hi everyone,

My dream has always been to record exciting children songs and music media. To this a reality, I just started my new company and I am really excited about sharing all the new projects with you!

This blog is to keep you updated about everything that is going on with Largemouth Frog Productions. Our mission is to provide children of all nations and cultures with music and media that is inspirational, educational and fun!

We’ll keep you informed all of the way about the process of recording and producing my very first new album!

Welcome to our Frog family, a world of music and fun!

Garth Lombard