We are good to go!

Hey everyone,

All systems are go! We just received great news!! Kickstarter has given us the thumbs up for launching our Hugo and Friends campaign! Horay! We want you to be the first to know that on SUNDAY you can pre order your copy of Largemouth Frog’s first CD!

Here is how it will work:

1. On SUNDAY, 11 March at 3pm (EST), our project page on Kickstarter will go live!

2. Once the page is live, visit www.kickstarter.com and type in “Hugo and Friends” in the search box.

You can also follow the direct link to our project page that will be available at 3pm here on the blog, Twitter and our Facebook page.

3. Watch our video and choose your reward!

Only through Kickstarter will you be able to get cool rewards that will not be available anywhere else during the campaign. We have 52 days to meet our goal, so place your order and help us reach our objective as soon as possible!

A very excited

Largemouth Frog Team.


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