Thank you so much everyone!! We reached our goal for our Kickstarter campaign! Let the production begin! Lots of love,

The Largemouth Frog team.



LMF’s designers!


Thank you all wonderful backers for helping us reach the 100 mark – We appreciate all of you so much!!! Our campaign is currently at 57% with 102 backers and a total of $4597 raised. We have 16 days to go to raise the remaining 43% or $3403 which means it’s time for top gear. There are certain things we’ll include in our campaign over the next 2 weeks to help promote it, but we have found that word of mouth is by far the most effective. That makes you the most important and valuable link in helping promote Hugo and Friends. LMF believes we can double the amount of backers and finnish strong!!! It would be a huge help if you could continue sharing the kickstarter link with your friends and family and would really appreciate it if you could send Garth the email address of three friends who would love to be introduced to Hugo and his friends. We will then email them all the juicy details. You can send me a message through the blog, kickstarter, facebook or Garth’s email – garthlombard@mac.com.


One of the next steps in completing the CD is finalizing the CD sleeve, cover and the design on the CD itself. We have therefore come up with a few designs for the CD and wanted you to choose which one is your favorite. All you need to do is choose your favourite design and post the number of the design below this update. The design with the most votes will be the winner. Please note that our graphic designer will be making some minor changes to the winning design in touching it up before printing.

So what will the winning number be…


Kickstarter Update: STARTING STRONG!

Hi everyone!  We’re almost half way there! In just 20 days we have 44% of our final goal! At the moment we have 86 backers that pledged $3,532 of our $8,000 goal. We need $4,468 and we have 30 days.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has been part of this – it’ been amazing!

We’re so excited about Hugo and Friends being supported by all you incredible backers from literally everywhere. I couldn’t think of a better picture than an album about a hippo who travels around the world being heard from children and parents of all ages from so  many different countries – priceless!


In about a week, all eleven songs (thirteen tracks) will be sent to South Africa to be mastered by one of the best mastering technicians out there. In a nutshell, mastering the album will balance and equalise each song so that the final product sounds very professional. Once an album has been mastered correctly, all the songs will sound great on any kind of sound system or mp3 player. I have taken pride in making sure that this album is of the highest standard and quality and mastering is an important part of that process.

Just for you

Kickstarter has a place just for you to share any messages or comments. You can  share which country or state you are from and anything else you’d like to add by just clicking the comments tab above the Hugo and Friends video.

Thanks again all you wonderful backers and please keep sharing this exciting project with those around you, together we will take Hugo around the world!

Here’s a link of me singing Four Friends unplugged with a guitalele (cross between a guitar and a ukelele) in a park in London last weekend. Enjoy!


We’ll update you soon!

Love from the Largemouth Frog team.