About Largemouth Frog Productions

Our passion is to provide children of all nations and cultures with music and media that is inspirational, educational and fun! Welcome to our Frog family, a world of music and fun!




Hi everyone!

Our website is officially up and running! You can visit largemouthforg.net to browse through our Hugo’s World filled with educational resources and a free colouring in book. You can also stop by our shop where you can get CDs, downloads, karaoke music and the latest cartoon! You can also book your own Hugo concert, check out our studio work services and much more!

We just posted pictures of our concerts in the USA and started our brand new fan’s picture gallery. If you want to be part of our website, just e-mail us your photo and we’ll make sure that your picture with Hugo and Friends is on the site (info@largemouthfrog.net).

Many thanks once again to all of our “Kickstarter backers” that made this website possible by making donations during our fundraising campaign. We could not have done it without you! Thank you!

Enjoy the website and please let us know what you think!

Love from an excited largemouthfrog.net team!


Our first cartoon is ready!!


Our “Stuck in the Mud” video cartoon is finally ready! We are so proud to introduce you Hugo’s four new friends as they get stuck in the mud together! Have fun and help us spread the word with his video!

Here is the link to watch it on youtube: http://youtu.be/bw2nif3jt6w

It will soon be available on our website as well. By the way, we’ve been working really hard to finish LMF’s official website (Big thanks to the design team and Garth that spend hours and hours working on it). You’ll be the first to know once it’s up and running. Until then, enjoy the video!

Hugo and Friends has arrived!

It gives the Largemouth Frog team great pleasure to announce that 10 large boxes arrived at our place! Our long awaited Hugo and Friends CD has arrived! We have spent the day preparing everyones packages and can finally say that we are ready for lift off! Tomorrow morning, everyone’s packages will be sent to the post office to begin their journey  across the globe to your home. Please let us know when your Hugo and Friends package arrives as we’d like to make sure you got everything safe and sound. Those who chose downloads will be sent the links via email shortly after this post.

Garth is so excited for everyone! Thanks so much for all your patience and support – We could not have finished this project without you. We will continue to keep all of you posted on the progress of our new website along with a future visit to a children’s hospital for a Hugo and Friends concert.

Keep in touch and let us know what you think!

Garth and the Largemouth Frog team.